Be Free of any notions, ideations and intentions

In this beautiful extract from the 22nd of March 1993, a French devotee called Samadhan tells Papaji about experiencing the dissolution of the ‘I’ while in satsang with Isaac Shapiro, but eventually the mind came back. Papaji replies, “When the ‘I’ is not there, it is not an experience. Your predetermined desire was projected and […]

Free Will

In this extract from a satsang on 9th November 1993 Papaji replies a question about free will, karma and pre-destiny. “You are predetermined to come to satsang. It’s not your choice. You forgot what has happened in the last birth, you forgot everything. The result of that karma is now this, that you have to fulfil, you have […]

In-between waking and sleeping – Instant Truth

This clip is an extract from Papaji’s satsang of 8 February 1993 Reesa from Boulder asks Papaji about dreaming, “Is it the ‘I’ returning in the sleep state?” Papaji beautifully guides her to the moment in-between waking and sleeping. Another devotee asks, “How is it that the teachers speaking of the same Truth, who are enlightened, […]


“Wherever you are, you are in Consciousness and Consciousness is within you. You have to worship the Purusha, this Cosmic Being within you. ” This Satsang from 17th November 1992 begins with Papaji giving a wonderful and emotional talk on the historic background of Buddhist worship with an emphasis on honouring everything that comes into […]

Behold the Inner Flame

“Behold the Inner Flame, eternally ablaze within the cave of your own heart and in the hearts of all beings. There is potential in all the beings to be Buddhas. Don’t look back into the past, that this Siddhartha became Buddha. If you reject all those desires of the past and put a stop and […]

Who is the witness?

“Who is the witness of all the activities, individual activities? Who was the witness before the creation of the universe, before the beginning of the creator itself? Who was the witness? Who is now the witness of what is going on? And who will be the witness after the dissolution? What is this witness?” In […]

Desire for Freedom – Part 1

This long and exceptional Satsang, divided into three parts, starts with Papaji giving the analogy of Buddha to illustrate how a strong desire for freedom can and will burn all other desires. Papaji encourages everyone to honour this desire, “Everyone has Buddha nature in him and everyone is Buddha itself. If you are fully 100 […]

PAPAJI – Young boy “All is Imagination”

In this satsang from 24 April 1993, a young boy asks Papaji about imagination. Papaji tells the story of Buddha remembering all his past incarnations. “This imagination is good for this imagination. This imagination is still working. We will lose this imagination also. This imagination will end on freedom only. Who is imagining? From where […]