In between breaths there is nothing

In this extract from the 27th September 1993, a Gujarati man called Bhupendra tells writes, “I don’t know what the ultimate is. How do you know you have reached that stage?” Papaji: “Ultimate has no stage. This is not the journey. Ultimate is here and now. The sadguru will remove the concept of attainment. You […]

28th May 1994

In this satsang from 28th March 1994 Papaji answers a question about surrender: “It is absolutely necessary that you surrender to the Guru like the kitten to the mother. Satsang is the raft that carries you across the other shore of Samsara. Don’t worry about the waves and sharks. This raft is the perfect vehicle […]


In this extract from Henner Ritter’s interview on the 14th January 1993, Papaji quotes Kabir to explain that when we are quiet life will take care of itself with abundance.

The Diamond is Here and Now

In this satsang from 8th July 1993 Papaji asks Yamuna to sing the song by Kabir “Ghungate Ke Pate Kohl.” Papaji sings along and beautifully translates the meaning of the song. It’s a very beautiful song in which Kabir declares the diamond is here and now and you are searching elsewhere. And you will never […]