12 February 1993 – Look within yourself and you will find that You Are God

The first 9 and half minutes of this amazing satsang from the 12th of February 1993 are in silence. Papaji speaks about Consciousness: “You are already free, and this freedom is consciousness. You think that contact with the objects of the senses gives you happiness, therefore everybody is involved with the objects of the senses. […]

Your own Heart is Arunachala

This extract is from the 4th of October 1993. An American devotee called Nirmala writes, “Arunachala is Here.” Papaji: “Your own heart is Arunachala. It is in en every being.” He explains the meaning of Nirmala (pure), “If your mind is pure, God will follow you. Moksha is always here and nobody is happy in […]