Papaji Contacts Worldwide

This list is compiled to help you find out more about Papaji by contacting people who have sat with him and are so grateful for the gift he bestowed upon them, or other people who have been moved by him, recognizing the unchanging Truth in their lives and are willing to share that.

We at the Avadhuta Foundation do not endorse or recommend anyone on this list, but thank them for their beautiful sharing.

United States of America

Lincolnville, Maine            Michael at 207-763-3860 or

Fayatteville, Arkansas       Robin at 479-443-5178 or

Santa Fe, New Mexico       Chandrika at



Papaji Satsang Bhavan
A-306, Indira Nagar,
Opposite Shalimar Hospital
Lucknow 226016 INDIA

Manali                                    Radha

Costa Rica                             Vidya at (00)-506-2416-4589 or

Mexico                                   Bindya at

South Africa                       Suniti at


Perpignan                          Rama at

Spain                                  Joseph/José at

Italy Gopa and Neeraja