30th January 1993 – Live like the Breeze

“You need not give up anything. There were kings who got free, who got freedom, holding onto their kingdoms, sitting on the thrones, commanding the armies. It doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything. You need all these things to run your life. Only ego, attachment towards them, you have to give up. When you go to sleep you have already given up everything. Things are there, in the same apartment, yet you have a sound sleep. Like this, let the things be there. World is no confusion. World is not troublesome. World is beautiful. Everything is beautiful. But your attachment: “This particular thing belongs to me,” makes the trouble. You have to live in the universe like breeze. Move on.”

This satsang from the 30th of January 1993 is filled with laughing moments and includes the following interactions:
*Alison: “It seems like a veil separates me from being my true Self.” Papaji: “The only veil is the ego. Cut the head and offer it to the supreme power and only give up attachments. Buddha rejected all teachings and became the Buddha. Keep quiet and see where the mind is going.”
*Carlos: “My mind is busy in the graveyard.” Papaji: “When your ego is dead, you will eternally live and you will never go to graveyard.”
* An Older Californian lady comes up: “I’m trying too hard.” Papaji call her to sit up. “Be like a rock. You are the screen untouched by the projections of the mind.” Papaji tells the story of a saint who had only one son who got sick and died. “He who knows, “I am the indweller and not the dwelling place,” doesn’t die. This extract was used in the compilation ‘Truth Exalts a Holy Person’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNiVvGl1kZ4
*Samuel: “What is preventing me to go into unknown?” Papaji guides him in enquiry.
*Bella sings two beautiful devotional songs.
*Papaji speaks of Kabir and talks to an Australian man from Bodhgaya and makes jokes. He then tells the story of Buddha. “What is this coming back and where did you go? Avoid inside and outside.”
*Kenyan guy sings ‘Lord I thank you.’

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