8th Feb 1993 P1 – Wherever you are is a Bodhi tree

This satsang from the 8th of February 1993 is another gem from Papaji’s video archives.
Papaji addressed the newly wedded SHOBA and Shambu and talks about the meaning of Shiva, “Who has no ego will become Shambu.”
RISA from Boulder asks: What is dreaming? Papaji guides her to the moment between waking and sleep. He speaks about Buddha not being able to reply Ananda after his enlightenment and staying in silence. “Teacher has no teaching and truth cannot be taught. None has ever realized the truth. Truth is instantly present, here and now.”
PREM PRAKASH tells Papaji about his fearful dreams. Papaji: “This sparrow cannot be kept in cage for long. This is not her place. Somehow she agreed to live with yourself and you have put her into great trouble and she’s not happy with you. Sparrow means soul. And this bird is not happy with you because you are troubling her. Now, please have some pity on he. Let her be free. Don’t bring her back into this cage.”
BRIDGET: Fear of dying comes up in my dreams. Papaji: “Be vigilant. Fear is in the memory, not in the present state, so this fear is mostly projected. And when you have fear you are in the memory of the past, not in the present. So past cannot help you now. What is done is already done. Make the best of your life. You go with the candle of light and all fears will leave you. Don’t run away from the fear. Face it.
SRI DEVI: Pilgrimage to Arunachala. Is there a way to prepare to go on pilgrimage? Papaji: “Pilgrimage is for freedom. You are going to Arunachala. And ‘Achala’ means: That which does not move. So you are going to perform that pilgrimage which is immobile. Does not move. Is not mobile. And ‘Aruna’ means Light. That divine light which does not fade. Ever-shining. So this is called Arunachala. So Arunachala is within your heart also. You have got to be very pure in mind. You have not to carry any thought with you. Only one: Arunachala.”
ANONIMOUS letter – on being sick and lacking hope. PAPAJI: “Freedom is only for the fittest person, very fit in body, very fit in mind. Rare is to find enlightened people like Buddha. You must be apprised of the fact, there’s no difference between that moment in which this Prince became Buddha, and the same moment is available to you. And if you sit under this Bodhi tree of this moment you are also Buddha, without disturbing your life. And one moment only you have to sit. Wherever you are is a Bodhi tree.”

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