15 April 1993 – This instant is out of time

A few extracts from this beautiful satsang from the 15th of April 1993 were used in the documentary “Call off the Search.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBIK-VFvDhA
The video includes the following:
. Papaji starts with a discourse about satsang and how no sadhana is needed to recognise one’s own nature. “To return to your own heart, I don’t think you need any search, any practice, any method. Be free of all these ideations, notions, intentions, just for one second. And then wait. Then don’t make effort. Don’t activate your mind. Just spend one instant here, and let it be your last satsang.”
. Renu speaks of unexpected glimpse. Papaji: “The glimpse is there. You don’t honour it. You use the word ‘I.’ Do you ever think where does this ‘I’ is coming from? Simply question this, and then there’s a glimpse.
. Eugenie gets the name Divya.
. Aldo: “Where from this bliss, peace is?” Papaji: “Bliss, peace, love, beauty, is instant happening. The mind, who stayed with you for millions of years, will not allow you to go smoothly. In the flood of bliss, it will pull you back. Here you have to decide. At that time, you have to keep quiet. If you have to win the battle, keep quiet, you see. Stay quiet. Then it will recognize itself.”
. Newman: “Would you guide me beyond mind? I have forgotten how.” Papaji: “This thought, I-thought; find out where does the ‘I’ arise from. And you are beyond mind now. The more you go, the more you will feel happiness. Because it is fathomless peace.”
. Ramira: “I have only one deep desire: I want to be free.” Papaji: “What is the difference between that one desire and the one who is desired for, if there’s only one? Go to the source of this desire.”
. Nadhia: “How can I abide in consciousness with all my inner chaos going on?”

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