No Effort

A short and sweet clip from the 12th of March 1994. “It is very easy to understand “Keep Quiet” intellectually, but you’ve got to do it practically. One instant, a finger snap is quite enough to know who you are, to be complete in love and peace. And, if you understand what I mean by […]

13th August 1993

This Satsang from the 13th of August 1993 includes the following: A devotee called Esha tells Papaji that she is feeling separation from God. Papaji: “When you feel separation that person must be there with you. You are never separated from God. This separation is devotion and it’s a blessing. When you pray from the […]

Emptiness cannot be broken

This compilation has been put together on the occasion of Papaji’s 111th birthday, October 13th, 2021. The video starts with a discourse (Om Shanti) from the 18th of September 1992, titled: ‘The desires are dancing’. ​”This universe is only the dance of desires. This dance, everlasting dance, depends upon ignorance. When this sun of Vichar […]

Give up Efforts

“Not even looking is needed. It’s not an object to be located. Just do not search it. You can search a thing which is lost to you. That only thing can be searched and found also. But a thing which is not lost at all, what are you going to do? When you give up all efforts, whatsoever […]

9th May 1995

This satsang took place during the time when Papaji was recovering from breaking his arm due to a car accident. Papaji was still quite frail and his speech slow. It starts with Papaji reading a very long letter of gratitude that also contains several poems from a devotee called Micha. Other encounters include:Cheeky Papaji plays […]

All This Is Me and Me is All This

This beautiful compilation put together in celebration of Papaji’s 24th Mahasamadhi includes unreleased footage filmed for the documentary ‘Call off The Search.’ The video starts with a music clip of ‘Bridge to Heaven’, a devotional song written by Franciska Kali von Koch and sang by her and Sangeeta. This song is part of the very […]