Samsara and Right Association

This compilation put together for Papaji’s 23rd Mahasamadhi starts with a beautiful discourse on Samsara. “All Beings are wondering in this ocean of samsara to be happy but no-one is happy. No one can obtain happiness unless wisdom is obtained. Hope and desire are diseases of the mind. This body can be used as a […]

Who Is Giggling?

A laugh a day keeps the mind away! Papaji on the subject of laughter… This compilation will bring tears to the eyes from the many funny encounters it contains, one of which is a young man who tells Papaji that he is stuck between the mud and the ocean. Papaji declares him finished and writes […]

Summa Iru (David Godman Interview)

In the spring of 1993 Papaji and David Godman sat in the beautiful botanical garden in Lucknow, where Papaji lovingly answered a wide variety of questions. His answers are sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, but always profound and direct. The questions to which Papaji replies to are:. . Why is what you offer not called a […]

Beyond the Boundary of Ego

In this powerful compilation Papaji nails at the ego: “Again you will be killed, incarnation after incarnation. Watch where the ego rises from, be vigilant. Ego is like a ghost, a ripple of consciousness, arising from consciousness wanting to meet itself. Ego and ‘I’ are no different. This is your own creation, reflection in the […]

Death & Freedom Here and Now

In this discourse from the beginning of satsang of 29th September 1992, Papaji speaks about Death and the fear of Death. “What is death, fear of death? Death is after each body and will bring another body unless you remove the fear of death. This ‘I’ is universe, bondage. When ‘I’ rises, the universe arises, […]