You are Emptiness Itself

This is a great extract of a satsang from the 7th of March 1994, in which Papaji replies Alan’s question: “How experience of fullness is related to emptiness?” Papaji: “There’s no difference. What is empty is fullness, and what is full has to be empty. In the beginning was emptiness, in the end will be emptiness, in […]

What hinders love?

In this extract from the 7th of March 1994 Vijan asks Papaji: There’s one desire of  falling totally in love with you. What hinders me? Papaji: When you fall in love with someone totally, you have lost the ego. You go alone with the one whom you love. Because this is the time of honeymoon. No one knows […]

22nd December 1992 – Riding the crocodile of Consciousness

This amazing satsang from the 22nd of December 1992 starts with a discourse on contemplation: “Contemplate on that from where all these things arise. Contemplate on that where all these things exist. Contemplate on that, which is absolute silence. Simply retrace back your own original place and don’t rest unless you have done it. Don’t […]

No state is permanent state

In this extracts from the 8th of May 1993 Papaji addresses Prabha who is in search of a permanent state of being and wants to know if it is necessary to take steps towards it. Papaji: “Enlightenment is statelessness. No step and no direction. You have not to move. If you follow your habits you […]

6th November 1993 – The detachment from events

This amazing satsang from the 6th of November 1993 includes the following interactions: *NOLA: “How do I turn the mind in?” Papaji: “Withdraw from events of the body. What is it that knows the function of the mind? Decision = Buddhi = Intellect. Who is aware of ‘I’? What is this awareness? Sleep when others […]

12 February 1993 – Look within yourself and you will find that You Are God

The first 9 and half minutes of this amazing satsang from the 12th of February 1993 are in silence. Papaji speaks about Consciousness: “You are already free, and this freedom is consciousness. You think that contact with the objects of the senses gives you happiness, therefore everybody is involved with the objects of the senses. […]