Be Free of any notions, ideations and intentions

In this beautiful extract from the 22nd of March 1993, a French devotee called Samadhan tells Papaji about experiencing the dissolution of the ‘I’ while in satsang with Isaac Shapiro, but eventually the mind came back. Papaji replies, “When the ‘I’ is not there, it is not an experience. Your predetermined desire was projected and […]

Never Anything Existed

In this powerful extract from 22 March 1993 a devotee called Robert Powel asks Papaji whether cells in the body actually exist and mentions J Krishnamurti and U.G. Krishnamurti points of view on this subject. Papaji tells him: “Agreement or disagreement belong to mind. Ultimate reality is that never anything existed, even the Creator. There […]

Don’t depend on anything for Freedom

In this extract from the 26th of August 1993 Darpan tells Papaji that despite having had many ecstatic glimpses of an expanded reality, they were all temporary and asks, “How is freedom realized permanently?” Papaji speaks about the difference between ecstatic states induced by LSD or other drugs and freedom, “Freedom is something else. It […]

Process is Postponement

In this extract from the 23rd of May 1994 a Dutch devotee called Rokus asks Papaji if freedom is a process or if the idea of process is postponement. Papaji replies. “Your essence cannot be achieved by any process. Process is to postpone this precious time to realize. Peace is not to be found in […]

Free Will

In this extract from a satsang on 9th November 1993 Papaji replies a question about free will, karma and pre-destiny. “You are predetermined to come to satsang. It’s not your choice. You forgot what has happened in the last birth, you forgot everything. The result of that karma is now this, that you have to fulfil, you have […]

Now is the right time

In this extract from the 15th of November 1993, Gurudas tells Papaji that he comes empty-handed. Papaji jokingly replies that he’s empty-headed and that he needs to know which direction to go. “You say you do not know where to go; that will not do. You have to decide which is your flight, which is the […]

No Effort

In this satsang extract from the 2nd of August 1993, a woman called Barbara asks Papaji, “When I look, there is still somebody. Who is it?” Papaji talks about the underlying essence of the wave and the ocean. He also gives the analogy of the fish who is thirsty and explains that no effort is […]

One Second Guidance

In this extract from Papaji’s satsang of 7th March 1994, Papaji guides a Vipassana practitioner who is struggling in his meditation practise to the moment of the arising of thought, a ‘split second’ of timeless time. He then speaks about surrendering to the Guru as the pilot of the plane, which eventually will bring everyone […]