Choiceless Awareness

In this extracts from the 15th of March 1993 Nirakar asks Papaji: “How to be this choiceless awareness forever?” Papaji: “You can never come out of it. Coming and going means time. This moment is out of time. Intellectually you have understood but you have not become empty. Undress yourself for half a second.”

No East or West

In this extract from the 19th of April 1993 a German devotee called Virag writes to Papaji that going to the source of thought creates pressure and that she finds a difference between being in Papaji’s presence and once she’s back in Germany. Papaji: “I’ve never told you any East and West. Where is the line? […]

I want to leave the graveyard

This is a short extract from the 25th of February 1993. Papaji addresses an American devotee who find it difficult to leave the graveyard (mind): “Nobody likes to come out of this graveyard. They are all dead ideas. They have no force. Run away simply, silently. Don’t make noise.”

Drama of Motherhood

This is a funny extract from the 15th March 1993, with a mother and daughter expressing their frustration. Papaji tells them to come up with a new drama the next day, and recollects the time when he was visiting a naked beach in Nice. Watch till the end for a laugh.