Wake Up! – Part 2

Papaji addresses Gurudas (see end of part 1 when Papaji talks to Gurudas about vigilance) and tells him to look at un-arisen thoughts to check the trend of the mind. “When you describe anything it’s past already. Only past can be described. Now you yourself invite, “Oh my dear thought, you come.” This is checking […]


“Wherever you are, you are in Consciousness and Consciousness is within you. You have to worship the Purusha, this Cosmic Being within you. ” This Satsang from 17th November 1992 begins with Papaji giving a wonderful and emotional talk on the historic background of Buddhist worship with an emphasis on honouring everything that comes into […]

Behold the Inner Flame

“Behold the Inner Flame, eternally ablaze within the cave of your own heart and in the hearts of all beings. There is potential in all the beings to be Buddhas. Don’t look back into the past, that this Siddhartha became Buddha. If you reject all those desires of the past and put a stop and […]

Delight, Bliss and Beyond

“This delight that we derive from the experiences of the senses from the respective objects is not abiding. It is fleeting. This delight is already past, not a fresh one, because you have called from the memory, and you need first desire and then object of the desire to be experienced with the senses. Only […]