9th May 1995

This satsang took place during the time when Papaji was recovering from breaking his arm due to a car accident. Papaji was still quite frail and his speech slow. It starts with Papaji reading a very long letter of gratitude that also contains several poems from a devotee called Micha. Other encounters include:. Cheecky Papaji […]

Freedom needs no process

This is an extract from Papaji’s Satsang on the 3rd of August 1993. Papaji answers the question, “What is it that is preventing my mirror from aligning itself with yours?” Papaji, “It is your desire for alignment. Don’t rise the thought of ‘I am prevented.’ This is also dust in the mirror which is always […]

3rd May 1993

This Satsang from the 3rd of May 1993 includes: * A young man tells Papaji that he is tired of thinking and asks guidance how to keep quiet. Papaji tells him to go and sit in the cemetery and learn from the dead how to keep quiet. * A woman is leaving for Rishikesh and […]

In between breaths there is nothing

In this extract from the 27th September 1993, a Gujarati man called Bhupendra tells writes, “I don’t know what the ultimate is. How do you know you have reached that stage?” Papaji: “Ultimate has no stage. This is not the journey. Ultimate is here and now. The sadguru will remove the concept of attainment. You […]

A millionth of a second teaching

This satsang extract is from the 10th of August 1992. Papaji calls up a German devotee called Satsagar and asks him to describe one millionth of a second and whether he’s still abiding in it. “It is your own fire that will burn the whole forest of ignorance. You need not take years for your […]

All comes from nothing

In this extract from the 26th of November 1993 a man called Roger asks Papaji about the concept that one can create his/her own reality, which is different from surrender. He then asks how to tell when desires and ideas come from nothing and not the ego?Papaji: “This is the ego, “I can do this […]