‘This’ and ‘That’ has camouflaged the Substratum

This clip is from the beginning of satsang of 9th October 1992 and starts with a discourse: “This’ and ‘That’ has camouflaged the Substratum. “Before even the creation it was Being, Knowledge and Bliss. There was no universe, no beings, no mountains, no rivers; only Being, Knowledge and Bliss. And later, after dissolution what remains will be Being, Knowledge and Bliss. All along we are Being, Knowledge and Bliss. How we have lost control? Because of ‘This’ and ‘That.’ If you don’t give rise to ‘This’ and ‘That,’ simply look at it, who are you?” Papaji gives the analogy of the snake and the rope and explains that veiling and projection is the trick of Maya. “The secret of happiness is not to give rise to a desire, and this can be done this very second, this very instant, this very moment. You have got to do it, you are bound to do it. How long you can postpone?”
Kavish writes that he has missed Papaji because there have been no satsangs. In his unique way Papaji explains that the longing to be in satsang brings a lot of concentration and it is better than actually being in satsang while thinking of something else.
A Vipassana meditator tells Papaji about his experiences and asks him to comment. “In this process of meditation you create Trinity: meditator, object of meditation, and the process between meditator and the meditated object. Now question who’s the meditator. Now you meditate on the meditator. Meditate on the meditator one second. When I tell you meditate on the meditator, this is to break the continuity break the intention, break the notion of meditation and break the ideations itself of meditation. So, no ideations, no intention, no notion. Keep them aside for one second. This is called meditation.”
The audio is poor so please watch with English Subtitles.

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