Find Out Who You Are

This is the beginning of the interview by Ram Crowler that was used in the documentary ‘Call off the Search.’Papaji’s message is short and clear. Just pondering on these few sentences and submerging into what Papaji is pointing to is enough to free one from bondage. For the full documentary look in our watch section: […]

12th of March 94 – ‘That IS-ness is Me’ Part 1

When you surrender to that, you become That. There’s no separation. There no jivas were ever born. No individuals were ever born. There’s no duality. Where there’s duality, where there are two, there must be some falsehood, not the truth. Because two cannot appear in That. That alone is. And that IS-ness is me. This […]

20th August 1992 – The Changeless Substratum – Part 1

This long satsang from August 20, 1992, is divided into two parts. In the opening discourse Papaji talks about Self as the substratum of everything. To realize the Self we need to enquire into who we really are. He then speaks about the ‘I’ as a concept, “When you speak of ‘I’ something is concealed. […]