PAPAJI – 11th December 1992

This satsang starts with a discourse on Self Enquiry. “For any success you need to avoid obstacles. Nothing belongs to you. Rejecting all objects of senses you come to ‘I’, also to be renounced. This is your time, the next hour belongs to Yama. Yama takes bodies only but not consciousness. What is death that […]


OM LET THERE BE PEACE – OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI – CONSCIOUSNESS In this discourse from 14th January 1993, Papaji speaks about consciousness. In an instant of time, consciousness experiences vast infinite periods of creation, endlessly, but is not affected by any happening or non-happening. Within the consciousness there is no difference between subject […]

Who Am I?

This compilation was derived from a series of satsangs in which participants asked Papaji to speak about the experience of “I.” He was repeatedly asked, “Who am I, if I am not who I think I am?” Papaji directs one to the “experience of the heart” in which “I” is known directly, beyond all concepts […]

2nd February 1993

This satsang from 2nd February 1993 includes the awakening from a man who asks Papaji how can a droplet that joins the ocean reincarnate? It also includes questions about desire and doubt as well as Self-Enquiry guidance by Papaji.

15th March 1993

This beautiful satsang starts with Papaji giving a direct teaching on self enquiry to an Italian lady who says that when she asks ‘who am I’ the mind is just busy with nonsense. Papaji says: “Don’t speak when, then, what and but. Nonsense is in the head, not the heart. Whomsoever is in the past […]