Choiceless Awareness

In this extracts from the 15th of March 1993 Nirakar asks Papaji: “How to be this choiceless awareness forever?” Papaji: “You can never come out of it. Coming and going means time. This moment is out of time. Intellectually you have understood but you have not become empty. Undress yourself for half a second.”

A millionth of a second teaching

This satsang extract is from the 10th of August 1992. Papaji calls up a German devotee called Satsagar and asks him to describe one millionth of a second and whether he’s still abiding in it. “It is your own fire that will burn the whole forest of ignorance. You need not take years for your […]

Merge into Being

This is a beautiful satsang extract from the 31st August 1992. Papaji replies to Burt, “I have always tried to understand the Self. Now I see that I have had it backwards: first be, then understanding follows naturally after the mind has been submerged in Being.” Papaji, “First merge for one second this mind in […]

Instant Enlightenment

In this extract from satsang on 20th of March 1993 a woman called Marta tells Papaji that she wants to be instantly enlightened and also to get rid of childhood pain. Papaji guides her into being quiet and completely alone for one second, to find out what this instant enlightenment, free of pain and suffering, […]

One Second Guidance

In this extract from Papaji’s satsang of 7th March 1994, Papaji guides a Vipassana practitioner who is struggling in his meditation practise to the moment of the arising of thought, a ‘split second’ of timeless time. He then speaks about surrendering to the Guru as the pilot of the plane, which eventually will bring everyone […]

Rest into this ONE second

In this beautiful encounter from 16 March 1993, Papaji gives his split-second guidance to Satchidananda, a sannyasin devotee, who asks, “I want to finish the ‘I.’”PAPAJI: “Don’t think for one second and tell me if you are dreaming. Now alone. One second, don’t think. That’s all! I’m not going to tell you ‘Go to the […]