9th Feb 1993 – Mind itself is a dead fish

This satsang is from the 9th of February 1993.
*Papaji talks to Ratna about the opening of the heart in satsang and how not to pollute it with thoughts: “The purpose of human birth is to open our hearts, to be free. Opening of the heart is a merit. You must have done good karmas, that is why you are here in satsang. Instantly one word is quite enough in satsang. Sitting in satsang means, do not stir a single thought that is related to the past, nor to the future. This is satsang. All the rest is fish market.”
*Dayanand writes, “Truth cannot be known by my mind. Emptiness cannot be experienced by me.” Papaji: “If the mind cannot reach it and have experience, it’s better to keep quiet. Perhaps in this quietness, your desire will be fulfilled.”
*Sri Devi is leaving for Arunachala and still has doubts, “When I ask Who am I? I can’t find anything.”
*Prem Bruno questions about having lots of thoughts despite 19 years of Goenka vipassana meditation. Papaji: “I don’t think you have stolen even one second for meditation. Meditation is when there is no thought in the mind. No things in the mind, no persons in the mind, is called meditation. Once in the lifetime, one split second, is quite enough to win freedom.”
*Daniel write a beautiful letter, “Love is this moment. Love is the Master. Love needs nothing, for it is all. Now I am home.” Papaji gives him the name Paramahamsa and explains the meaning of Hamsa.
*Another man comes up and tells Papaji that he lacks courage. Papaji speaks about Buddha.
*Anandini sings a love poem to Papaji.
*Sita Devi comes up and sings a Hindi Bhajans.
*Papaji finished the letter written by Dayanand and tells the story of a lady who was selling fish in the market and could not stand the smell of flowers. “Look how men who are supposed to be the beautiful incarnation among all species are very proud to live in the fish market all their lives. And what is fish market? Thinking of the dead fish. What is dead fish? Thought. What is thought? Dead fish. Why? Because: past. Mind is past. There’s no mind in instant presence, therefore mind itself is a dead fish. And if someone smells it, he must pull it out or live with it. And this basket’s life is 35 million years. One basket will live 35 million years. Very smelly. All those who like bodies are dealing with fishes only. You look first within your own body and then, if you know how to look within your own body, then the same technique will show you what is indwelling in all the other bodies. And then you will instantly become one, fall in love with all beings of the world.”

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