About the Avadhuta Foundation

Avadhuta Foundation

P.O. Box 296
Boulder, CO 80302

Phone: (303) 473-9295
Email: mail@avadhuta.com

AVADHUTA* Mission Statement

The Avadhuta Foundation was established with Papaji’s blessing in 1993 to catalog, preserve, and make available to the public, information about HWL Poonja, affectionately known as Papaji. The Avadhuta Foundation manages an archival library, offers books, and shares Papaji’s satsangs through various media platforms. We are dedicated stewards of Papaji’s message. This requires that we are true to his words and that we present them as accurately and purely as possible.

*Avadhūta is a Sanskrit term for a type of mystic or saint who is beyond egoic-consciousness, duality and common worldly concerns and acts without consideration for standard social etiquette.

Papaji’s blessing to the Foundation

The Avadhuta Foundation was formed in 1993 in Boulder, Colorado with Papaji’s blessing to make satsang recordings and books available around the world.

Global reach and access

Avadhuta’s YouTube Channel H.W.L. Poonja reaches over 1 million unique visitors online per year from 58 countries. Our books and videos have been subtitled and translated in over 10 languages.

Keeper of the archives

We welcome private collections of Papaji’s letters, photos, or other items to share. The Foundation receives many precious items to preserve and archive.

What is the Avadhuta Foundation?

The Foundation and Board of Directors

Avadhuta is run by volunteers and most of our offerings are free of charge. To keep the foundation operational we rely on paid contractors to help us with our accounting, website maintenance and digital media. Our board of directors are devotees from the professional community who oversee budget and project planning.

Physical Archival Storage

The entire collection of Papaji’s archives– photos, letters, books, digital masters and equipment is housed by the Foundation. We keep this collection in temperature-controlled storage off site. We strive to digitize and make our archive available in the Papaji libary.

Digitizing and Preservation

Keeping up with the latest digital storage has been a 20 year project. From audio cassettes and hi-8’s to the cloud, The Avadhuta Foundation continues to digitize and preserve Papaji’s archive of audio and visual media, keeping his message of freedom preserved and accessible to future generations.

Digital Platforms

The Avadhuta Foundation has multiple digital platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud. We share updates and links to new content on multiple social media channels .

Global Community

Papaji books and videos have been translated/subtitled into more than 10 different languages. Avadhuta contracts with publishers around the world, checking quality of translation and providing support as needed.

Celebrations and Special Projects

Every year, the Avadhuta Foundation creates special video compilations to celebrate Papaji’s birthday, Gurupurnima and Mahasamadhi. These vdeos are shared with our community on our social media platforms and YouTube Channel.