How the Universe Comes out of Emptiness

In this powerful discourse at the beginning of Satsang on the 17th December 1992, Papaji addresses Emptiness. Papaji: “The inherent nature of gold is to be carved into shape. There’s no difference and no such thing as multiplicity and unity in the gold. Consciousness, emptiness can take any shape. Whatever it thinks so does it […]

5th January 1993

This Satsang from 5th of January 1993 includes beautiful answers to devotees’ questions. Papaji: Before the word is uttered it is a thought. Where does the thought rise from? From beyond. There you have to keep quiet. That is called silence, not when you don’t speak and thinking about something else. It will take it […]

Who is the Doer?

Papaji discourse (Om Shanti) at the beginning of Satsang on 3 October 1992. Here Papaji speaks about emptiness. “You are not the doer. All our activities are in emptiness and you are not responsible for any activity. When you get rid of name and form this is all Akash, emptiness. And this is your true […]