19th January 93 – When you don’t think you can see your face

This amazing satsang is from the 19th of January 1993 and it includes the following:
*ALICE has visions of Ramana and Jesus. Also visions of her decomposing body. “‘I’ remained. Ramana is everywhere.”
*SHOBA: “Can you speak about the 3 states of mind? Papaji: “Tamasic mind is completely devoted to material life. Rajasic is the active mind. Satvic mind will aspire for freedom, meditation, compassion and good behavior.” Papaji gives the analogy of a kingfisher meditating by fish pond to catch fish. “This is superficial meditation. There is nothing in quietness that mind can be hanged on. Heart, above, below, inside and outside.”
*DASARATH/BANSI: devotional song – ‘In the silence inside my heart the Lord in born anew. Beyond your life beyond your death, beyond identity’
*ANONIMOUS poem. “Love is my sickness and my cure. There’s a secret bar where to drink the nectar.” Papaji: “Every next moment you get more intoxicated. This is being on the razor’s edge. Not two abreast, no you and your mind.”
*ANONIMOUS: “Is there final death of identification with the ‘I’?” Papaji:”Just stay with a teacher. There’s no in and out after Self -Realization and the grace of the teacher. There is no difference between Universe and Self or Brahman.”
*TAPASYA: “Will this inner sound ever stop?” Papaji quotes Kabir: “Vocal sound dies, then thought sound in the heart dies. Then silence also dies. Then there is the sound from where silence rises, that doesn’t die.”
*ATMANANDA: no experiencer. Papaji: “This is called experiencing alone. Beyond the 3 states is Turya state. There is one more state beyond this, 5th state. It is Brahman itself, where even experiencing do not arise. PRAJNA STITI. No creation, no dissolution, no happening, nor not happening.”
*JERRY: “How to attempt to know this ‘I’?” Papaji instructs into neti neti. “Find out what is not mine or my. What is it that rejects your body to go asleep?”
*RAN: “Pain is the problem.” Papaji: “This identification is pain itself. Sleeping pill is the knowledge that ‘I am not the body, it is not permanent. When you speak of pain it’s yesterday pain.” Ron laughs and has a wild awakening.
*MICHAEL: “What is responsibility?” Papaji: “Who is responsible to bring you here? Find out who is responsible and enables you to even utter this word?”
*ANONIMOUS: “If you had to tell me one thing for my search for Truth, what would that be?” Papaji: “Do not search. Find out through which you are going to search. It is Truth itself.” *PAPAJI speaks to Ran about memory. Lots of laughter.

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