3rd May 1993

This Satsang from the 3rd of May 1993 includes:
* A young man tells Papaji that he is tired of thinking and asks guidance how to keep quiet. Papaji tells him to go and sit in the cemetery and learn from the dead how to keep quiet.
* A woman is leaving for Rishikesh and tells Papaji she will remember him when any old habits resurface. Papaji guides her to recognize that everything arises from the Self, and tells her to have a dip in the Ganga to wash out any ego.
* A devotional encounter with a young devotee who asks Papaji, “Is it possible I can have the experience of me or is it just a dream?
* A man called Paul asks Papaji to help him realize the Self. Papaji replies, “Help is already there but you don’t trust. People are stuck to old habits and are not benefited because they are attached to something else. Bad company causes suffering. People like suffering. With the resolution, `I want to be free’ nobody will touch you.”
* A Mexican devotee called Bindia tells Papaji that she is afraid of him and despite the grace and quietness in his presence she feels a certain resistance. Papaji, “You feel it’s a sin to reject the old commitment. Reject it, if it doesn’t help you. The second I speak of is an open second, unbound to anything or any idea. You have to be happy and that’s my intention. * The last letter is from an anonymous and says, “Are sexual activities a hindrance to liberation?” Papaji, “How can you speak of two activities at the same time? You need to try both and then whatsoever makes you feel better you take into it. It is not the activity that gives pleasure but the completion of it. You have happiness in freedom only. When desires are fulfilled you are happy. Why give rise to desire?”

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