23 March 1992 – No Herd for the Lions

This video from 23rd of March 1992 starts with a discourse on the preciousness of human birth and the immediacy of knowing oneself when rejecting the ‘I am the body’ idea. “You are the essence, you are the ground, and you are the substratum. This substratum, you have not to find it, you have not to search it from anywhere later on. Here and Now. Direct. You have to dive within and search nothing. Instantly you are truth, knowledge, bliss. And this is your nature.”
. A devotee explains that he found hard not to attend satsang while Papaji was away.
Papaji: “When there is purity all around, you don’t want to see a single stain. All the tendencies will come up to leave you. If you don’t aspire for freedom, it’s not hard. You will not be in difficulty, you will live as six billion people are living. So you have to make a choice for hard life. You have to be at guard all the time. Only face towards the Self, towards the Atman, then you are safe. There is no lion herd for the lions.”
. Another devotee expresses her sense of unworthiness.
Papaji: “Unworthy people don’t come to satsang. Only brave people will come to satsang. Don’t think of future, and don’t think of past. This is called nothingness.”
. Barkha writes: “All is blankness, not knowing why, what, where.”
Papaji: “All is emptiness in your mind. From here you start this experience now. There are no distances in emptiness.”
. Let asks,:”How I can live awake and free in the middle of a very busy act of life that I have with a family and children, and the act of work that I do?”
Papaji: “There’s no trouble with family life or anything else. You can live among them very happily, they can be helpful to you. This is an excuse, ‘I can’t do it.’ Five seconds, you are not to part anything to family, or to the world. This five seconds belong to you. This much time is needed for freedom, liberation. Just five seconds. It has to reveal when you are in love with it, you see. When you think and make use of any effort, you don’t see your Self nature. It is always everywhere there. The only way is to: you keep quiet and you are there. If you know, ‘It is the Supreme power which is making use of me as an instrument,’ you will not be arrogant, you are free, and you will be always happy. You can live better in the household: better husband, better father, better friend.”
. Another devotee: “My only desire is the permanent no-thought. So, tell me the secret.”
Papaji: “Occupy the mind with one desire, then it will not allow any other desire to enter. Which is that desire? ‘I want to be free.’ Because you did not make this desire before, therefore, many desires have been entering. And they did not give you satisfaction. No desire can give you any satisfaction, except ‘I want to be free.’ Don’t call it a gain when it happens. Don’t make it an acquisition. Just identify with it. That’s all. The problem will be over. It’s very direct darshan.”

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