12th of March 94 – ‘That IS-ness is Me’ Part 1

When you surrender to that, you become That. There’s no separation. There no jivas were ever born. No individuals were ever born. There’s no duality. Where there’s duality, where there are two, there must be some falsehood, not the truth. Because two cannot appear in That. That alone is. And that IS-ness is me. This […]

All comes from nothing

In this extract from the 26th of November 1993 a man called Roger asks Papaji about the concept that one can create his/her own reality, which is different from surrender. He then asks how to tell when desires and ideas come from nothing and not the ego?Papaji: “This is the ego, “I can do this […]

28th May 1994

In this satsang from 28th March 1994 Papaji answers a question about surrender: “It is absolutely necessary that you surrender to the Guru like the kitten to the mother. Satsang is the raft that carries you across the other shore of Samsara. Don’t worry about the waves and sharks. This raft is the perfect vehicle […]