Direct Guidance on One Second

This Satsang extract is from the 22 February 1993 and Papaji is in his roaring form.
A woman called Anne talks about her thoughts dissolving while floating by the Ganga and asks to be permanently freed from that that observes. Papaji tells her off for peeping at the Ganga and not jumping in (anecdote about commitment to freedom). “Remove everything and be water itself, then speak. If you keep quiet for one second you will know who you are. Don’t waste time. Keep quiet anywhere. Not do, think anything, what could be easier than this? Don’t postpone it, the mind will always deceive you, will never be a good mind.”
“To speak is my duty and to accept is your job, you are not compelled to do it. This is the most beautiful thing in the world so I don’t keep it a secret.”

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