20th August 1992 – The Changeless Substratum – Part 2

This is Part 2 of Papaji’s Satsang from August 20, 1992.
Papaji guides an Austrian woman into self-enquiry and gives her the name Uma. “Everything will dissolve into emptiness. Even this thing, this ‘I’ itself is a concept. When you remove this concept all other concept has to be removed.”
He then tells the story of a man who found a ruby and put it on a string on the neck of his donkey and then sold the donkey to a diamond merchant thinking he had stroke a deal. “Appraise yourself of the fact that you are really carrying a diamond. The teacher will tell you that you are worth this. Everybody has a diamond within the heart. The only teaching is that you are already that, all else is falsehood.”
Papaji addresses Chandi Devi who expresses her confusion, “Confusion has to be from the past and not present. Confusion is graveyard. We are speaking of this present moment, in the present of the presence only. We are stealing one second out of the present, even. That much. And I don’t think that can confuse anyone.” He then mentions Kabir and gives the analogy of grains which are grounded, explaining that those who are near the center of the pivot (who attend satsang) will not get crushed.
With English subtitles.

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