20th August 1992 – The Changeless Substratum – Part 1

This long satsang from August 20, 1992, is divided into two parts.
In the opening discourse Papaji talks about Self as the substratum of everything. To realize the Self we need to enquire into who we really are. He then speaks about the ‘I’ as a concept, “When you speak of ‘I’ something is concealed. When you see form, no-form is concealed. Don’t pick up the ‘I’. Before you pick up the ‘I’, you already are.”
Papaji patiently guides a devotee to be present in the here and now after she declares her intermittent peace. “Time has been cheating you. This ‘sometime’ has been cheating you. So, don’t use the word ‘sometime’, then do whatever you want. If you don’t use the word ‘sometime’ it is neither inside nor outside. This ‘sometime’ was the wall.”
A woman asks how to be awakened instantly and Papaji addresses the previous devotee who finally gets it and is laughing and crying in a split second realization of truth. “How to be awakened instantly? Like this, in the instant. If you want instant awakening then remove all extensions. When you speak of this instant, you speak from this instant now, and tell me what is happening in this instant. One millionth part of a second is called instant, finger snap. During this time you speak.”
With English subtitles.

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