19th December 1992 – The mind is a magician

“When you don’t find anything, happiness arises. Mind is a notion. Ghost doesn’t exist. ‘I am bound’ and ‘I am free’ are notions. Mind is only a thought. Inside is ‘I’, outside space, nothingness. ‘I’-thought has a tremendous power to create everything. The origin of the universe is centred in ‘I’-thought. If you go to the origin of where it arises from everything will be known to you. You will get dissolved into this state where everything arises. Nothing has ever arisen.”
This satsang from the 19th of December 1992 starts with a discourse titled ‘THE MIND AND ITS ORIGIN,’ which was used in the compilation ‘In this search the question is lost’ https://youtu.be/u51D4giXiu4?si=cuX8Zd2TSDtqyRj7
Other interactions include:
. FRENCH LADY: “Why this mind remained after realization of reality?” Papaji asks everyone to ponder onto this question.
. VASSI: “Is it right that I can have this freedom once and for all?” Papaji gives the analogy of parrots which are kept in captivity and fed regularly and who will not leave their cage even when it is open because of the habit of relying on their captors for food. Papaji: “The bird catcher of Yama will take you away one day. Undue what you are holding. Satsang breaks old patterns of life. This world is Kusang (bad association).”
.KIANA from Germany: ” I haven’t found the switch to turn thoughts off.” Papaji gives her direct guidance in Self enquiry and quotes Kabir’s instant of time. “Keep a torch in hand to burn your house (ego). This is Kabir’s prescription to cross the ocean of Samsara.”
. KALI from Sweden sings ‘Govinda Narayana, Gopala Narayana’. Papaji explains that Govinda is that which destroys the sense perceptions and Narayana the bestower of freedom and emancipation.
. MARK (BANSI) plays the flute. Papaji talks about Krishna and the Gopis.
. The satsang ends with Rina singing a devotional song by Kabir which Papaji translates: “Please kindle my flame, so that I may see the way how to search you in my own heart. And without this light I cannot reach you. You have to help me to kindle my flame so that I see you.”

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