12th of March 94 – ‘That IS-ness is Me’ Part 1

When you surrender to that, you become That. There’s no separation. There no jivas were ever born. No individuals were ever born. There’s no duality. Where there’s duality, where there are two, there must be some falsehood, not the truth. Because two cannot appear in That. That alone is. And that IS-ness is me.

This amazing Satsang from the 12th of March 94, includes many beautiful interactions and guidance on Self-Enquiry, how to live in the world without ego, how an enlightenment being sees the world, and teachings on PRARABDHA KARMA, FAITH and SURRENDER. Papaji also tells the story of King Janaka and Ashtavakra in details.

Two clips from this satsang have already been uploaded on our channel and in case you have watched it already you can skip these sections:
PAPAJI – No Effort – 15:46 to 28:56
PAPAJI – Prarabdha Karma – Nothing Ever Exists – 54:28 to 1:26:43

When you came here you were not satisfied, otherwise you shouldn’t have come to Lucknow. There was some dissatisfaction therefore you are here. And then when you are here you are in peace. Now you have to speak from the source itself. Do you see any dissatisfaction? This dissatisfaction is a thought itself. Do you see anything around when you are in the source of a thought? You can speak things on an intellectual level but have no experience. So, many people, they, I think, don’t understand. Simply they say, when I say “keep quiet,” find out the source from where the thought rises. Now, it is very easy to understand intellectually, but you have got to do it practically, you see. Then it will take just a moment to see that you have always been in peace, and you were never disturbed. Even this one moment, one instant, a finger snap is quite enough to know who you are, to be complete in love and peace. And if you understand what I mean by this moment, this instant, you keep quiet, don’t think, don’t make any effort. Do it, now, practically, and tell me; where do you stand? And let me know if there’s no peace.

How to live in the world
You have to turn your face in the reverse gear, and move beyond, and look from where the energy is coming from, which is the reservoir of your thinking, even. So, if you identify yourself with that, then everything is going on by the grace of that Supreme Power, which you thought it was you. Object is past. Object is not permanent. Now turn your head to see something which is beyond, from where energy is coming. Then you will know nothing can interfere with you. It will go on as it is, you see.

How an enlightened being sees the world
Observer means ego. “I do this. I have seen this. I experimented this thing.” No one knows who is the observer. “I am the observer,” everybody say, “I observe,” an object of observation, but nobody knows who is the one who is even looking at the observer from behind. The enlightened one does it. Even the observer is seen. The beyond will observe my body, my feelings, my intellect, my mind, and my body, and senses, and the objects. Everything he will feel from behind.

God cannot be objectified. God cannot be seen. He is the seer. God is the seer, not the seen. Not an object to be touched. Beyond, beyond something that can be touched. Now you go back to that stream, that Supreme Power. And that You Are. That I AM.

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