It’s all Brahman and you are beyond even that

This video extract is from the 27of July 1992. Isaac Shapiro, one of Papaji’s devotees who has been giving satsang for many years, tells Papaji that everything arises in experience but when it is seen as happening within one Self (Brahman), then there is freedom. Papaji, “The Supreme Self has no limitations. From there, let anything be there. Let there be mind, let there be ego, let there be senses, let there be manifestation, and then there can be no difference.”
Papaji gives the analogy of a king who is fond of gardening but even when he is in the garden people will still regard him as the king and not a simple gardener.
Papaji shows a cup of water, “Whenever there‚Äôs name and form something is concealed. Silica is concealed. If you take away name and form what is left is Brahman. When you can have an experience, “I am the Brahman,” everything is Brahman; means limitlessness, timelessness. That which transcends everything, that is called Brahman. There’s no place, even space, emptiness, awareness, are also in Brahman. There must be Brahman to be aware of something.”
Isaacs explains his constant diving into the inquiry “Who am I? Who is this rising to?” Papaji, “Inquiry may not be repeated. Even this inquiry, where does it rise from? Brahman and manifestation are not different. Let there be individuals, creations and destructions. It’s all Brahman and you are beyond even that. That is the end and you are always that.

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