22nd December 1992 – Riding the crocodile of Consciousness

This amazing satsang from the 22nd of December 1992 starts with a discourse on contemplation: “Contemplate on that from where all these things arise. Contemplate on that where all these things exist. Contemplate on that, which is absolute silence. Simply retrace back your own original place and don’t rest unless you have done it. Don’t get lost in any ways, any methods, any practices. Stay quiet. Here. This is called silence.”
This discourse was used in the compilation ‘Who Am I?’ ( https://youtu.be/nNxPg737BbM )
This satsang also includes a strong interaction with a man called John, that was used in the compilation ‘Emptiness’ ( https://youtu.be/3f5O8uKcc6M ) “Everything is only the 5 elements. See where they come from. Ether is emptiness and all elements dissolve in that. Emptiness is only mind. Mind is no different than these 5 elements, to refer the mind go back to ā€œIā€. Enquire into the ‘I’ and the ‘I’ will vanish. From that point Nothing Ever Exists.”

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