13th May 1993 – Throw away your begging bowl

“For the first time you are going to meet Eternal Immaculate Beauty. It is a rare luck, rare chance. Don’t tie yourself. You have to cut all ropes. You have to go very free. Give up all intentions, desires, and then taste it. You don’t need to beg. You don’t need to tie anything. Everything belongs to you. You are king. Throw away your begging bowl.”
This long satsang from the 13th of May 1993 includes the following interactions:
. MAYA: I have a terrifying experience of emptiness. Is there a state beyond the Self? Which are the qualities to live peacefully? Papaji: This is an intellectual explanation. You have no experience and playing with idea of emptiness.
. DHYAN GYAN: Why moods are continually changing? Papaji: Mood means change.
. GOPAL RAM: There are three types of silences: Intellectual, mental and real. Papaji speaks about Gandhi and how he was uttering Jay Ram when dying.
. ANOMA: speaks about her mother who is taught her how to love nature. Papaji tells her to love the present, not the past. She comes up and hugs Papaji. Papaji calls older German man up, “Even if you overhear you can enjoy.” Another girl comes up and hugs Papaji., the German man and then kisses Papaji. Collective laugher
. NARAYAN DAS: Can you show me how to reach home? I have tasted silence, space of my being. Papaji: Don’t tie rope outside. Papaji tells the story of a princess who wanted to wed anyone faster then her but all the pretenders would stop to pick up necklaces.
. WALTER: Should I forget all practices? What else should I do to find my real face? Papaji makes jokes, shows him a mirror “Looking in the mirror of mind, when the mirror is removed, where is your face? It is not there in sleep. Turn your face towards consciousness.” Papaji speaks about Saint Kabir and how he would get fed up with arrogant people. “All samsara is washed away in river of butchery/death. If this man is so arrogant, it’s better if you kick his arse!” Papaji also tells the story of Kabir’s daughter Kamaali and mentions people coming from Poona not seeking true freedom.
. SHARON: For what to become Enlightened? Papaji gives him the name RAJNEESH – king of night/darkness.

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