All is Self

In this extract from 15th December 1992, Kali from Sweden writes to Papaji of experiencing a black hole in the mind to hang out in being-ness and silence, and fears of getting sucked into it, never to come back again. She asks Papaji, “Is there anything in this world that it’s not the Self?” Papaji: […]

6th November 1993 – The detachment from events

This amazing satsang from the 6th of November 1993 includes the following interactions: *NOLA: “How do I turn the mind in?” Papaji: “Withdraw from events of the body. What is it that knows the function of the mind? Decision = Buddhi = Intellect. Who is aware of ‘I’? What is this awareness? Sleep when others […]

Choiceless Awareness

In this extracts from the 15th of March 1993 Nirakar asks Papaji: “How to be this choiceless awareness forever?” Papaji: “You can never come out of it. Coming and going means time. This moment is out of time. Intellectually you have understood but you have not become empty. Undress yourself for half a second.”