In between breaths there is nothing

In this extract from the 27th September 1993, a Gujarati man called Bhupendra tells writes, “I don’t know what the ultimate is. How do you know you have reached that stage?” Papaji: “Ultimate has no stage. This is not the journey. Ultimate is here and now. The sadguru will remove the concept of attainment. You have to see what has been already with you, in this present moment. When you struggle, you struggle from the past. Reality is when you don’t see objects. You are that space in which there’s no object nor subject. It is all emptiness.”
Papaji speaks of the dream, sleep and waking state and quotes Kabir as an analogy to attainment in a finger snap.
Bhupendra expresses fear of the unknown. Papaji, “The unknown is the most peaceful thing in your life. Remove the fear by staying in Satsang.”
This clip includes Papaji quoting the following:
* Story of Kabir’s daughter Kalyani, waiting at the door to chop visitors head off to prove a point to her father that nobody was coming to see him in sincerity to obtain freedom.
* Mahavakya from the Vedas, “Aham Brahmasmi”
* Kabir, “Still your mind, intellect, body. God he will be chanting your name.
* Kabir, “On the edge of the sward, no one walks abreast. No concept of others. You have to be alone.”

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