Stories from Chitrakoot

In this video from the 26th Nov 1993, Sita Sharan and a few of Papaji’s devotees had just returned from Chitrakoot, a pilgrimage site for devotees of Lord Ram, Sita and Hanuman. Papaji tells stories from the Ramayana, and Sita and friends sing devotional songs. Sita Sharan passed away in April this year. She was […]

All This Is Me and Me is All This

This beautiful compilation put together in celebration of Papaji’s 24th Mahasamadhi includes unreleased footage filmed for the documentary ‘Call off The Search.’ The video starts with a music clip of ‘Bridge to Heaven’, a devotional song written by Franciska Kali von Koch and sang by her and Sangeeta. This song is part of the very […]