6th November 1993 – The detachment from events

This amazing satsang from the 6th of November 1993 includes the following interactions: *NOLA: “How do I turn the mind in?” Papaji: “Withdraw from events of the body. What is it that knows the function of the mind? Decision = Buddhi = Intellect. Who is aware of ‘I’? What is this awareness? Sleep when others […]

Drama of Motherhood

This is a funny extract from the 15th March 1993, with a mother and daughter expressing their frustration. Papaji tells them to come up with a new drama the next day, and recollects the time when he was visiting a naked beach in Nice. Watch till the end for a laugh.

Samsara and Right Association

This compilation put together for Papaji’s 23rd Mahasamadhi starts with a beautiful discourse on Samsara. “All Beings are wondering in this ocean of samsara to be happy but no-one is happy. No one can obtain happiness unless wisdom is obtained. Hope and desire are diseases of the mind. This body can be used as a […]

10th December 1992

This satsang starts with a discourse about pleasure,“All pleasures end in pain. There is no way to avoid these things unless you aspire for Self-knowledge. When you attain Self-Knowledge this appearance will end. Be free of ego and habit of searching for pleasure. Mind is ego, past, samsara, sorrow and suffering. Mind cannot reach that […]

28th May 1994

In this satsang from 28th March 1994 Papaji answers a question about surrender: “It is absolutely necessary that you surrender to the Guru like the kitten to the mother. Satsang is the raft that carries you across the other shore of Samsara. Don’t worry about the waves and sharks. This raft is the perfect vehicle […]

Wake Up from the Dream

This discourse is from 2nd November 1992 after Papaji’s visit to Haridwar and Rishikesh. Papaji addresses new people in Lucknow: “If you spend one second in Satsang, you are free. There are no teaching and no preaching here in Lucknow. You are already free. When you think, you are past. If this doesn’t work then […]

The Play of Samsara

Papaji gives an analogy of samsara with the story of a man who falls into a well, grabs a rope, and then becomes unaware of everything else as he enjoys the honey falling from an overhanging tree (sense desires). All the while the man forgets that beneath him a crocodile is waiting for him (death), […]

Mirage of Samsara

Papaji describes samsara as a mirage and play of the senses. When quiet and not listening to the senses we are instantly in the pool of Amrit – nectar.