Wake Up from the Dream

This discourse is from 2nd November 1992 after Papaji’s visit to Haridwar and Rishikesh.

Papaji addresses new people in Lucknow: “If you spend one second in Satsang, you are free. There are no teaching and no preaching here in Lucknow. You are already free. When you think, you are past. If this doesn’t work then always meditate, ‘I am free.’ When you have a bad dream the best is to wake up. The robbers never existed. It was a projection of your mind because you were sleeping. Anything you see, touch, taste is sleep state. When you wake up you are reality itself and it doesn’t take time. If you don’t allow the ‘I’ to rise, as in deep slumber, there is no samsara and no heavens. When you see name and form it is samsara. No name and no form is Nirvana, Moksham.”

At the end of the video, Papaji mentions Ramana, “My Master never spoke. He was quiet, like a mountain. All the world went near him and he is still there. This is the beauty of silence”

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