6th November 1993 – The detachment from events

This amazing satsang from the 6th of November 1993 includes the following interactions:
*NOLA: “How do I turn the mind in?” Papaji: “Withdraw from events of the body. What is it that knows the function of the mind? Decision = Buddhi = Intellect. Who is aware of ‘I’? What is this awareness? Sleep when others are awake. Awaking is seeing absolute nothing.”
*LEON PILE: “Experiencing fleeting moments of peace.” Papaji guides him to enquiry, “Catch hold of the nothing, what is there to hold? Let the nothing between you and me speak. When you become somebody you are always in trouble. When you have desire you are a beggar.” Papaji tells the story of a king and a beggar: “The throne of emptiness is ready, simply sit on it.
~An extract of this clip is included in the compilation ‘Beyond Desire’: https://youtu.be/0917Sz9QG4w
*ANONIMOUS: “Who is choosing the throne of emptiness? It is also a desire!” Papaji gives the analogy of a thorn in the foot, “Take out a thorn with the other thorn and then throw away both. You need the thorn of happiness to remove pain, but then you renounce happiness also.” Papaji gives the meaning of Avadhuta: *One who doesn’t want anything* and tells the story of a King who swapped position with a sage, with the kingdom becoming very happy because the sage had no desires. Papaji: “Desire is worst than a serpent. It will revive again and again so don’t touch it.” Papaji talks about sleeping dose of ‘one instant’.
~An extract of this clip is included in the compilation ‘Beyond Desire’: https://youtu.be/0917Sz9QG4w
*ESCORIAL sends a letter from Spain. Papaji recollects an architect in Madrid wanting to build him an ashram.
*MAO: “I am bored and looking for excitement but it doesn’t last.” Papaji: “Excitement is a scorpion that stings. Give up desire.” Papaji tells the story of a king who leaves the palace together with his youngest queen to live in the forest and seek freedom. He also tells the story of a man who falls into a well and enjoys honey unaware of the crocodile who is waiting for him underneath: “Mind is hanging 6 million people. Samsara is called hang on. If you want to cut the rope you can do it.”
~This clip is part of a compilation titled ‘Death and Eternity’: https://youtu.be/2I4sMu_djxc
*LAUREL FRANCIS: “I am a queen! Call off the search. Laughing at myself. The marriage has been consummated.”
*EVELYN: “I am lost in the forest.” Papaji: “The fire will break and everyone will die. Better leave this forest. It is not enough to say, “I want to be free.” You have to put it into practice immediately. Simply love it and dedicate yourself to it.”
*CONNIE: “The ultimate gift of this moment is a diamond.” Papaji speaks of divine marriage and gives a new Name: KAMALA (wife of Vishnu). Papaji explains symbolism of Vishnu.
*SAMANTA: “Please fan the fire.” Papaji: “Now gives full blaze to the fire. Stick to Now.”

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