Go. Gone. Goodbye.

This compilation made for Papaji’s 110th birthday starts with a discourse from 4th August 1992 on DUTIES, PROSPERITY and DESIRE. “Most people are enslaved by duties and then prosperity, accumulation of wealth. After this never ending desires. The last desire is liberation, freedom, which is free of duality. Until then, the rope will be seen as rope. All is here and available to all beings. The wave cannot live as a wave without the ocean. This Samsara is a mirage. Turn your mind from Samsara and you have nirvana.”
It also includes the following extracts:
* Pari tells Papaji that his question remained in the cushion and that in Papaji’s presence there is no question and no answer. Papaji uses the analogy of the cushion as an object without ego and attachment to teach about arrogance. “Arrogance means that the truth, the wisdom has rejected the one and the one has become arrogant. Truth exalts a holy person. Wherever you are, you must be in presence itself. Behold, love, adore, meditate the Self by the Self. Keep quiet and don’t activate the mind. Keep vigilant and awake. You will be at peace.”
* In one of the earliest recorded tapes of Papaji’s teachings in Haridwar, Papaji explains the difference between samadhi and nirvana. “Nirvana is absolute silence which cannot be understood. I want to be free is the final desire which will extinguish all desires. Once realized you will see that the world does not exist.”
* Papaji reads a beautiful poem “So simple here. What a joke.”
The video ends with a beautiful song by Vedant.

Most of these extracts are taken from VHS tapes, with poor audio quality. Please watch with English subtitles.

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