10th December 1992

This satsang starts with a discourse about pleasure,
“All pleasures end in pain. There is no way to avoid these things unless you aspire for Self-knowledge. When you attain Self-Knowledge this appearance will end. Be free of ego and habit of searching for pleasure. Mind is ego, past, samsara, sorrow and suffering. Mind cannot reach that place where you are seated, direct your mind towards it and don’t think. It’s called freedom, peace, happiness, beauty, love.”

Highlights include:
. Papaji replies to a young woman who is visited by demons, “These demons are old habits. If you smile you are caught. When you keep quiet, ‘I’, ego, never was and never is.”
. Papaji explains to a young man who has doubts and has lost the truth, “Once having attained Truth you always have contact with Truth. What is this I that has lost the Truth? Concentrate, Contemplate, Speak, Think, Read, Walk about, Dream, Sleep, Remember Truth. One day is enough. Nothing can be replaced unless you love something better than that.”
. A dramatic interaction with a Russian guy.
. Papaji explains: “What I speak about is not That. I simply give you finger pointing to something. Don’t hold onto it.
. A beautiful interaction with a French man who feels scared by Papaji.
The video ends abruptly.