Samsara and Right Association

This compilation put together for Papaji’s 23rd Mahasamadhi starts with a beautiful discourse on Samsara. “All Beings are wondering in this ocean of samsara to be happy but no-one is happy. No one can obtain happiness unless wisdom is obtained. Hope and desire are diseases of the mind. This body can be used as a raft to cross this ocean and should not be wasted. Right association is the raft to cross Samsara.” Papaji gives a few analogies to describe that the treasure lies within. “Some authoritative person will tell you you have a diamond within you and instantly you become happy. Dig in, find the treasure and celebrate! Once known that this is a treasure, the diamond will shine by its own shine. You will fall in love with it. Never make the mistake “sometimes I am happy, sometime I am unhappy.” This unhappiness rises from the mind. Happiness has connection with Self. Be vigilant!” 

Papaji replies to a man who asks for a glimpse of the Ultimate Truth: “If you got to satsang, the teacher teaches you only silence. It is not an object to be given. You are that itself and you have to discover it.” 

Papaji answers the question, Why does the mind arise after seeing that it doesn’t exist? Who sees the mind? Where is the seer? “After cremation the ghost of the mind comes to see its cremation and enjoys. The no-mind will see this mind. The no-mind is the seer, as in sleep and it is present even now. Silence is called no-mind. There is yet another place where mind and no-mind does not appear, you have to dig more. Work for total destruction of the mind so you lose even the meaning of mind.” 

The video ends with a beautiful awakening of a French guy who sits next to Papaji.

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