Truth Exalts a Holy Person

“One has to be holy to merge into holiness. as water poured into the river Ganga becomes immediately Ganga, and has that sacred qualities. Likewise one has to be holy to merge in the Self. Worthy person is one who has attained the final understanding that he is truth. No separation between lover and beloved. No distinction between wave and the ocean. That I call worthiness.”
This beautiful compilation put together for Papaji’s 112th birthday starts with a discourse from the 11th of July 1992, *Truth exalts a holy person*. Papaji speaks about how deluded people believe they can still hold onto desires and at the same time seek freedom. He then tells the story of Saint Janabai who chanted the name of Ram and even her dung cakes would vibrate with Ram. “Any word that we chant, that we speak, that we think, has its own aura; it has to be represented by itself. Any name that you utter has to be in front of you, but you have to be holy. Because truth exalts a holy person.”
Prabhavati tells Papaji that she traded his gift of compassion, grace, and love, with objects of passion and lust. Papaji: “That’s the unworthiness of the people whom diamond is handed over. It is their business to take care of the diamond, not mine. When somebody comes, I go on giving. I don’t lose anything. I don’t care for their worthiness and unworthiness. It is for them to decide if they have to keep it, love it, honour it. They will be benefited, and that benefit cannot be assessed.”
Alexander asks: “Could you provide introduction to you and me? Papaji: “Two people, you and me, have never met with. The lane is very narrow, therefore two abreast cannot walk. On the razor’s edge, who will ask anything to himself? He is alone. Nobody’s there. No company. No amusements. And this takes you to eternal happiness.”
An older lady tells Papaji that he is the cosmic garbage man. Papaji: “I accept garbage. Put your garbage here, and don’t take it back. Everybody likes garbage and puts in the pockets. Without this smell nobody lives, you see. Even before the birth one is in garbage. After the birth, also in garbage. After life, also in garbage. Nobody will touch you. Hurry up. Hurry up.”
Shobha asks Papaji about his statements, Truth Exalts a Holy Person, and that he has yet to pass on the final teaching to anyone. Papaji: “Truth is ever new, ever fresh, and none has ever tasted it. You become That itself.”
The last powerful extract is taken from some old footage of Papaji’s satsang in Haridwar in 1990. Papaji tells the story of a tiger who believed he was a donkey and only realised his true nature when he was shown his reflection. Papaji: “How much time did it take him to become a tiger? Just a roar. You are not different than the tiger. Just roar, “I Am That!” “Aham Brahmasmi.” Tat Tvam Asi. You Are That. You are being taken to the lake, and if you are in the jaws of the tiger, he will not leave you. He will take you to the lake, and you will identify yourself with what you really are.”

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