12 February 1993 – Look within yourself and you will find that You Are God

The first 9 and half minutes of this amazing satsang from the 12th of February 1993 are in silence. Papaji speaks about Consciousness: “You are already free, and this freedom is consciousness. You think that contact with the objects of the senses gives you happiness, therefore everybody is involved with the objects of the senses. Whenever there is pleasure, it is from the Self, of the Self, of the consciousness; not of any objects. Objects are temporary. It is the Self that is bliss. Once you know it and you are one with it, then whosoever you will meet, you will meet from the Self and you will not find any difference between you and other objects. Your love will be forever; not with the name, not with the form, but of the Self, to the Self, of the Self, within the Self.”
Highlights of this satsang are:
*Riya: “All doubts have been removed. All that was ‘I’ has disappeared into stillness. Who is free? It isn’t ‘I’ because ‘I’ isn’t there.” Papaji quotes Kabir: “Let the body be still, and let the mind be still, and let the intellect be still. That’s all you have got to do, and then this stillness will attract what is called enlightenment, freedom, emancipation, emptiness. They will follow behind.” Papaji gives her the name Aruna. He speaks about no need for any sadhana, and asks her to explain her experience. Aruna: “I realized that there was no ‘I.’ It was like the ‘I’ was absolutely a thought and had nothing to do with anything else. It was fiction. And when I realized that it was fiction everything else disappeared. And every thought that came, I asked to whom is this thought addressed? And I got nothing. It disappeared.”
*Sambuddha: “I get hooked wanting to open my heart more to deepen my understanding.” Papaji: “This ‘I’ is a hook, and you are being fished. Around that ‘I’ some meat is there and everybody goes there. So, wiser are the fish who don’t touch it. This net is samsara, slowly moving. Get out of it any time.”
*Angelica: “Please talk to me about love.” Papaji: “Love can be only of the Self. All the rest is lusting about. If you want to see what is love, direct your mind not to any person but to the source of the mind. Love is so pure, immaculate and there’s no demand, no command. Love is to give away without any kind of interest, to give yourself up. Nothing in exchange. Only that person can be happy who loves That.”
*Jerry: “I am consciousness.” Papaji: “You are that which has no limitations, and no time, and no space also. Everything is included into this consciousness because there are no limits. We construct a veil between emptiness and ourself, therefore we get into trouble. And emptiness, consciousness can never be touched. Look within yourself and you will find that you are God.”
*Sammy: “In a flash I experience that the Self is everyone, everywhere, everything; that the Self manifests in whatever form, or as whatever experience is needed to lead one back to the Self. Sometimes I see a bright white dot in front of my eyes. Is there any, any significance to this?” Papaji: “All lights are still subtle mind. You have become seer to see the lights, then light has become object. Let your mind not abide anywhere, let it be anything, gross or subtle, light or darkness. You go on going, go on going, without abiding anywhere, and then you will continuously go on going.”

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