19th June 1993 – Stop whatever you are searching

This beautiful satsang from the 19th of June 1993 includes the following questions/interactions: . “In call off the search you speak about the final teachings. What are they?”
Papaji: “If the search is called off, what do you call this? This is my teaching. Then only the mind will be quiet. If you stop your search for any person, idea, object, this is peace, enlightenment. See the seer than your mind will stop. Question who is the seer?”
. Papaji was supposed to go to the US and another devotee comments how his presence is not affected by not being physically in Lucknow. Papaji recollects a time when he used to live in South India and it was reported to him to have been seen in 4 locations at the same time to celebrate the New Year.
. EYAL (Dayal): “Still unhappy and unsatisfied.” Papaji: “Don’t think of external happiness and you will feel happy. All external happiness disturbs. How difficult it is to get rid of past attachments to see ones own beauty.”
. AMIBA (Gomati): “What is the connection between smoking charas and self-enquiry?” Papaji: “By smoking charas you have no enquiry at all. If you smoke the chillum you lose your mind. At the beginning it was used to forget everything and meditate, now that purpose is lost and people are constantly smoking. Induced trances are kind of unconscious state. I don’t advice to use this drug to westerners, it doesn’t suit them and many have died.” Papaji recollects a guy called John in Rishikesh who used to take LSD and thought he was a monkey. “Smoking stops your search and destroys your health.”
. SATYANANDA writes a neurotic letter. Papaji: “It’s difficult to distinguish Jnanis from neurotics.” Papaji recollects schizophrenics visiting Papaji and becoming well.
. MR RAMSEY (Dutch comedian) sings funny songs in gibberish.
. SATYAM: Song ‘2 are one or all apart.’

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