All is Self

In this extract from 15th December 1992, Kali from Sweden writes to Papaji of experiencing a black hole in the mind to hang out in being-ness and silence, and fears of getting sucked into it, never to come back again. She asks Papaji, “Is there anything in this world that it’s not the Self?” Papaji: “Someone must be in light to see the dark. Who is the observer? Being-ness and silence is just awareness. It is choice-less. To return to your own Self you have to do nothing. Turn your back to wisdom and you suffer, but turn your face to the sun, the shadow will fall behind. Self understands Self. Ocean has no trouble but the waves see the differences. All is Self, all is emptiness, all is space, all is happiness, all the rest is your notion. All is one substratum. All is beyond any comprehension, attention, achievement. Rest here and it is peace.”

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