I am with you wherever you are

“Satsang is the only place where you have no association except your own Self. This is the place of quietness. Satsang means: place of seclusion. A cave which is within the cavity of your heart. Keep the ego at the shoe rack outside and see what happens. Remove this ‘I am,’ this concept or notion of “I am the body” when you come to satsang. One satsang is enough.”
This compilation put together for Papaji’s birthday includes a discourse from December 12, 1992: ‘How to remain in perfect equanimity constantly?’ Papaji explains that when the fire of knowledge arises everything is burned and this is perfect equanimity. Everything is a notion, a perception and is not permanent. We should have firm conviction “I am not body, mind, senses.” Satsang frees us in this moment. One instruction is enough. Papaji tells the story of Kabir’s daughter Kamali.
In the next clip Papaji replies a question about intimate relationships: “Intimate is in the core of your heart, permanent and eternal. The rest is desire and clinging. Love is where there is no lover and no beloved.”
In a very special video filmed during his visit in Kathmandu in 1993, Papaji recollects leaving Ramana to save his family in Punjab and explains the true meaning of the last interaction with Ramana when he told him ‘I am with you wherever you are.’ Papaji: “Awareness is ‘I am,’ so you have got nothing to do with the body and other thing. Ramana is taking me out of the form, attachment of the form. Even when you sleep, there’s no form, no disciple, no guru. ‘I am’ is there. ‘I am’ is always there. I am That ‘I am.’ So he introduced me to That, which I cannot get rid of, nor it can get rid of me. Here I got the meaning, and his full teaching was completed. I bowed down, took the dust of his feet, put it in my pocket, went around thrice, again bowed down, “Bless me, please” That was my question and miracles after miracles happened.”
The compilation ends with a beautiful song sang by Music Maestro Ilayraja singing ‘Aruna Malai Guru Ramana’ in Papaji’s lounge. For the full version of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThqeyoMlzQc

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