22nd January 1993 – Surrender to Eternity

In this satsang from the 22nd of January 1993, Papaji starts the conversation on the topic of identification and asks. “Here and now, in this instant, open your own identity to your own self and introduce yourself to the Self: “I am so-and-so.” What’s your answer? How will you identify to your own Self?”
Ran comes up, “Mind is there only as memory of sensation. It’s dead. And mind is continuation of this memory of sensation in time, which is a concept of mind only. I am dead and I want to die. I want to die to my wanting.”
The satsang includes the following interactions:
*Viona: “The silence runs deeper, and deeper, and deeper, and I am keeping quiet and quiet. In this moment, much more has happened even beyond my expectations and beyond my recognition. My deepest gratitude to you.”
*Ran asks: “Who is there to surrender?” Papaji: “So long you have ego, it has to be surrendered to the teacher, who has allowed you to discharge your ego unto the ocean. Thereafter, whatever the life is, you will not have impression of your karma, because the mind is dead. You will be working, and you will be doing, but the impressions will not be there. Then you’ve got nothing to do with the circumstances, with these incarnations, with this life. Nothing ever has existed. No creations and no dissolutions have any time taken place. This is the ultimate truth.”
*Niravi: “It is too much bliss. I cannot stand this bliss. It might kill me.” Papaji: “It’s good to die in bliss, than to live in suffering. When the silence sings, that’s the only way you can bare its bliss.”
*Eberheard: “Thank you Papaji for shaking me to wake up. But the shaking is so beautiful, moves me to tears, laughter, that I forget all about waking.” Papaji: “This is better state than waking up. This is transcendental. Where you are always happy. There is no sun to shine in the day, no moon in the night, nor the stars. That is this shaking up. Bliss. Your permanent abode. Beyond the heavens. And there you are eternally laughing, eternally happy.”
*Barbara: “Please burn all my illusions.” Papaji: “Tomorrow, you bring your illusions and also matchstick. We can arrange a cart of illusion. We’ll have good fire, bonfire.”
*Divyam: “Being near you is joyfulness. Being far away from you is suffering.” Papaji: “You cannot be far from your own Self. Once you have tasted it, you can’t run away far. Where can you go? Don’t have fearer any doubt in your mind.”
*Gobri: “I can’t go deeper to explore nothingness.” Papaji: “You do it every night, when you sleep. Because you are doing things, it doesn’t happen. Don’t think only and it will happen.”
*Dasarath and Kushalya sing to Papaji.
*Sammy: “I must be very dull person because I understand what you are saying intellectually, yet I haven’t got it.” Papaji: “The impediment is ‘I am dull.’ Truth can never be understood. It’s not an object of your thought. It is subject or beyond even subject. Who can ever experience the truth? Higher than truth will experience the truth, isn’t it? So impediment is that you are not accepting that you are truth. Keep quiet, then it will reveal itself to you.”
*Dasarath sings another beautiful song: I love to tell you, that I love you.

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