Merge into Being

This is a beautiful satsang extract from the 31st August 1992.
Papaji replies to Burt, “I have always tried to understand the Self. Now I see that I have had it backwards: first be, then understanding follows naturally after the mind has been submerged in Being.” Papaji, “First merge for one second this mind in the Being. Let it merge first for one second, and during that one second you speak. After this one second we will see. This instant has got nothing to do with thinking. Thought was before. This was a thought, “I submerge” was a thought When submerged into Being, this thought has become no-thought. Now from here, when there’s no thought, no desire, from this Being, you cannot be different from this Being itself. Everything arises out of the Being must be Being. This conviction you have to have.”
The audio is poor so please watch with English Subtitle

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