Centenary Celebration -Om Shanti

An amazing gathering took place at Brindavan Farm in Lucknow between the 8th and 13th of October 2010 to honour and celebrate beloved Papaji’s 100th birthday. This video is from the 13th of October, Papaji’s birthday, when devotees offered poems and songs before Anoop Jalota’s wonderful concert. Bhavani, Sarada Devi, Prem Kumari, Amir, Avishai and […]

Who is the Doer?

Papaji discourse (Om Shanti) at the beginning of Satsang on 3 October 1992. Here Papaji speaks about emptiness. “You are not the doer. All our activities are in emptiness and you are not responsible for any activity. When you get rid of name and form this is all Akash, emptiness. And this is your true […]


One of Papaji’s most beautiful discourses (Om Shanti) at the beginning of Satsang on 21 December 1992. This discourse is part of a compilation titled ‘Return to Silence’. Papaji states, and demonstrates, that Silence is one’s real, and permanent, nature. He goes on to say that Silence is the ground and substance of everything in […]

Who is the Witness?

Papaji discourse (Om Shanti) at the beginning of Satsang on September 4, 1992. Papaji discusses That which resides beyond time and is beyond description: Existence Itself, which, as the only reality, is witness to Itself. He also explains that it is only the mind that doubts that “I am That”, and how, once the mind […]