Peace in the world

This is a short extract of Papaji addressing world peace while replying to David Godman. It is part of the beautiful compilation ‘Nothing Ever Happened’ that was put together for Papaji’s Centenary Celebration in Lucknow in 2010. Papaji’s message of Peace and Love and keeping quiet is so powerful, especially during these challenging times. Check […]

No Effort

A short and sweet clip from the 12th of March 1994. “It is very easy to understand “Keep Quiet” intellectually, but you’ve got to do it practically. One instant, a finger snap is quite enough to know who you are, to be complete in love and peace. And, if you understand what I mean by […]

Keep Quiet

Papaji tells a devotee that the direct method to enlightenment is to Keep Quiet! This clip is part of a compilation titled “Give Me Enlightenment, Please.”

Who Am I?

Papaji directs us to keep quiet and enquire into our true nature. “Simply I tell you to keep quiet and don’t make any effort. Do not stir a single thought. Don’t think, don’t make any effort and during this span, question “Who am I?” And if you can do, you are free.

Rarity of Satsang

In this extract from 11th October 1993, Papaji addresses a devotee’s doubts whether to stay in Lucknow or go to the west. “Satsang is a rare opportunity not to be missed. It may happen every 3 million years. Only as a human being does one long to be free. One day you will get a […]

Emptiness Cannot Be Experienced

In this video from 9th February 1993, a devotee called Dayanand writes: Truth cannot be known by my mind and emptiness cannot be experienced by me. Papaji tells him that if the mind cannot know the truth, get rid of the mind. Papaji continues, “Don’t touch it. Leave it aside for one second and watch […]