Centenary Compilation

This is a moving compilation which was made in 2010 in honour of Papaji’s centenary anniversary. It includes rare and unseen behind-the-scenes footage from Satsang Bhavan and Papaji’s house, with extracts of Papaji in his house, reading and commenting on the Yoga Vasishta. The video starts and ends with 2 devotional songs, as video montages […]

Centenary Celebration – Let There Be Peace

An amazing gathering took place in Lucknow between the 8th and 13th of October 2010 to honour and celebrate beloved Papaji’s 100th birthday. These images are from a night of offerings of poems and songs at Brindavan Farm when Sangeeta, Chandi Devi, Amir, Avishai, Gil, Pratima, Rodrigo and children sang this beautiful song. Let there […]