Give Me Enlightenment, Please!

In this all-time favourite and inspiring compilation, Papaji stresses the fact that one must not only give up the search for enlightenment but, more importantly, the idea that there is one who can engage in a search. He says that the “I” is the only hindrance to the realization of the truth of who one […]

Keep Quiet

Papaji tells a devotee that the direct method to enlightenment is to Keep Quiet! This clip is part of a compilation titled “Give Me Enlightenment, Please.”

Enlightenment Here and Now

In this video from 7th March 1994, Papaji replies to the question, “Can I be enlightened now? And how?” Papaji tells the devotee to ask the Now, “How can I be enlightened? Don’t ask the past, future or present even. Direct your face to Now and wait for the answer. Don’t make any effort and […]