“Silence Is The Teacher” by Asafa

This interview with Israeli Journalist Asafa took place on the 29th of December 1995. 
The questions to which Papaji responds are:

1. What is your message? Is it something that is relevant for everybody or just a few?
2. How do I get to Who am I? when my mind is full of other distractions?
3. Is enlightenment something to which everybody can attain or is it something that only a few can aspire to become?
4. Why do we need a living master if we want enlightenment?
5. Why are so many Israelis drawn to you and to a spiritual pursuit?
6. Is there any practice which I can do & bring back to my family and friends? Most people cannot afford to come to see you. Are they doomed to continue in their suffering or loneliness, if they can’t come to see you in person?
7. I have heard you say that doubt is one of the biggest obstacles to realization. How can we be free of doubt?
8. Most teachers require people to get rid of desires? How to be rid of all desires?
9. If desires are present, one can either repress them or indulge in them. Is there any other option?
10. Is there any experience in your life that is always in your heart? Can you share that with us?
11. Are there things that you regret in your life? That you are sorry that have happened?
12. Are you going to nominate a successor to further your teachings? 

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