Give Me Enlightenment, Please!

In this all-time favourite and inspiring compilation, Papaji stresses the fact that one must not only give up the search for enlightenment but, more importantly, the idea that there is one who can engage in a search. He says that the “I” is the only hindrance to the realization of the truth of who one is. The seeker is the problem. He then explains how to let go of the concept of “I” and, in fact, all concepts. He says, “God is” remains as the only truth—not known but experienced. Papaji also speaks about the blessing of finding a true teacher, a guru, and how one should come to the guru. Everyone interacting with Papaji in this video ends up sitting up on the couch with him, with the whole room bursting into laughter.

This DVD is available with subtitles in
English, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian and Korean.

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