“Summa Iru” by David Godman

In the spring of 1993 Papaji and David Godman sat in the beautiful botanical garden in Lucknow, where Papaji lovingly answered a wide variety of questions. His answers are sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, but always profound and direct. The questions to which Papaji replies to are:. . Why is what you offer not called a […]

Call Off The Search

This documentary, shot and produced in Lucknow in 1993, includes interviews with Papaji along with rare footage of Sri Ramana Maharshi. There are also testimonials from some of the many people who have attained freedom through Papaji’s presence and grace. Call off the Search captures Papaji beautifully, as he discusses the nature of enlightenment and […]


Papaji replies a question about the relationship between guru and disciple.This DVD contains extracts from David Godman’s interview ‘Summa Iru,’ including one of the questions about what happens when the guru dies.

Mahasamadhi Compilation 2018

This video, compiled for Papaji’s Mahasamadhi 2018, starts with a beautiful invocation to the Guru from the intro of Rudrashtakam (Shiva Stuti) sung by Trevor Hall. Then follows a discourse by Papaji from 9th November 1992 on Knowledge and Practise / Jhana and Austerities. Papaji tells the story of a king who seeks freedom and […]