Knowledge and Practice / Jhana and Austerities

This video, compiled for Papaji’s Mahasamadhi 2018, starts with a beautiful invocation to the Guru from the intro of Rudrashtakam (Shiva Stuti) sung by Trevor Hall.

Then follows a discourse by Papaji from 9th November 1992 on Knowledge and Practise / Jhana and Austerities. Papaji tells the story of a king who seeks freedom and becomes a hermit and then meets a sage who promises enlightenment here and now.
Papaji says with practice, it is the desire which will be fulfilled at the end. Entertain the intention to be free. First, purify your mind and then you’ll be led to the company of a holy person. All austerities, practices, will lead you to knowledge. Whatever time you spend here won’t go wasted. When Ego is gone, mind is gone and you are placed in a state of no-mind and this is very close to freedom. Any rose you pick you have a thorn also. Enjoying any sense pleasure they will bite you! Long time witnessing the three states, you will find you are the absolute substratum, the fourth state, emptiness, all silence.

The compilation includes some unreleased footage of interviews with David Godman and Ram Crowell, filmed for the documentary “Call Off the Search”.

David asks Papaji to tell the story of a man who used to jump into the swimming pool as an analogy for enquiry.
Papaji responds that before jumping you need to leave everything behind and have the intention to jump. Burden takes effort to carry but when you shake it off you get immediate relief. Everyone is conditioned by parents, religion, society, politics and economy. This burden has entered the mind and stored in the memory. If you drop everything it is effortless. Direct the mind to the source.

Ram Crowell tries to challenge Papaji by asking him why is he so against the practice of sadhana.
Papaji says, “Any practice you are doing, where is the energy coming from? The glimpse comes from within you, not from any person, any thing, any idea. Look where you get the energy to see, to touch and taste. It is closer than your own breath. Give up your search and you will know the meaning of the scriptures. Keep quiet!” Ram falls at the feet of Papaji and declares he will get rid of all his books.

The compilation finishes with an incredible close up of Papaji and more of the Rudrashtakam (Shiva Stuti) sung by Trevor Hall.

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